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Hi all. I have a domain and hosting on Godaddy. My site is getting the" Future home of something quite cool. " Godaddy is telling me that Cloudflare is propagating is different to what is updated on the DNS. When I use, I can see a different IP address than what I have listed in CF. What do I need to do to have CF reconcile the DNS?


Hey. So you need to make sure your nameservers are set to what Cloudflare gives you. If you’ve done that then it’s just a matter of waiting for it to propagate across the world.

Because of the way DNS works, as long as you’ve changed your nameservers (and GoDaddy has accepted that change) then GoDaddy has no control over your records any more. It just might take a bit to update (depending on what they had their TTL set at), that’s all.

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You need to add a certificate to your web hosting. You can use a Cloudflare Origin certificate if your hosting provider does not use Let’s Encrypt or similar.

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Yup, what @michael said is exactly what you need to do.

The reason you see a different IP than what Cloudflare shows in the DNS panel is because Cloudflare is an anycast network and so that’s completely expected (one of the advantages of Cloudflare is that it hides your origin’s IP).

Because of that, you probably want to take down that photo as it exposes your origin’s IP :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you mcfadyeni and michael. Image removed.

I will look into this today.

Again, Thank you!

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