I often renew domains with Cloudflare Registrar - great service.

One annoyance is that if I import DNS details from a parking service like SEDO I have over 70 TXT and A records to manually delete. Could the developers consider a simple checkbox next to DNS records to allow for bulk deletion. Even a clear All Records would be better than nothing. Ideally, bulk changes of records when I change servers would be nice to have.

Sounds like a good idea. Can you Edit the title of this post so you can re-categorize it to Feedback → Feature Request?

p.s. This can be done via the API, but just not dashboard.

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I’ll try and retitled but I always have issues with the api so I may not be successful.

Thanks for getting in touch.

Regards, Mike

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It was caused by astrix entry in the DNS for the A-record. Removing the entry solved the problem.