Recommended Firewall and Rate Limiting rules on pro plan for google publisher

What recommended firewall and rate rules should I set on Cloudflare’s pro plan for a google publisher? Please help. Thank you!

I use Wordpress

Itdepends :tm: there are no fixed settings or 1-tricks. If you have specific questions, we can help but otherwise :person_shrugging:

Rate limiting for bots & humans. Best 20 Firewall rules to use on Cloudflare pro plan. Am I communicating correctly?

There’s recommended rate limiting for traffic of certain bots & humans. The best firewall rules I can deploy with the 20 available.

I’m new with Cloudflare. A how to for implementing the best recommended rate limiting for traffic & the 20 essential firewall rules I can put with Cloudflare’s pro plan. Appreciate the help. Thank you!

10 rate limiting & 20 firewall rules.

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