Recommended DNS Diagnostic Tools/Sites?

Hey all!

Does anyone have a recommended tool to check if we’re properly set-up on Cloudflare? Reason why I ask is because we just installed CF this morning, after migrating our server over from InMotion to Digital Ocean-- and I’m concerned about the delay so far re:DNS propagation.

Just want to make sure our site is loading properly and emails (routed through Google) are coming through.

Also related- should I be removing the old host immediately (before my contract expires) since the new host is already set-up?


Try one of these :slight_smile:

Community Tip - Tools and Resources

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Hi @whiteelephantagency, the link @MarkMeyer shared is chockablock full of great tools for DNS, performance, email, security, etc. If you see any missing, let us know as that list is a living document that we try to keep up.

Next, sorry for the delays, there was an issue with DNS propagation earlier that may have been affecting you. You can track/check system status here,

Fantastic, thanks all!

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