hello, im launching multivendor marketplace with wordpress and hopefully my page recieve lots of vendors. If that happen my page will have lots and lots of images, and my page size will grow.

Is it better to host images elswhere or use cloudflare business to cache all my images?

Or what do you prefer?

Im new in these situations and all answers are welcome.

If any help is gained, please write small instruction of how to do that!

You don’t need to set up a Business plan for that setup. Even a free plan will work well. Business (and Pro) plans sure have some pretty cool features, though.

Cloudflare is a Pull CDN, so someone has to request the image first, then other visitors in that region will use that cached image. Other CDNs can be a Push, so you can preload the images to the cache.

Naturally, I prefer the free Cloudflare approach. It’s a super easy setup (doesn’t need a CDN subdomain) and comes with lots of other useful features.


Thank you for reply! Do have know any good guide or youtube video for that?

Which method you prefer, host from different sever or use cloudflare?

How big wordpress ecommerce sites handle these?

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