Recognizing MVP @fritex

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community.

Everyday, thousands of Cloudflare customers from around the world visit this Community to seek advice and share their insight. We are grateful for this exchange and recognize that it is only possible due to the efforts of the regular Community visitors, the Community Leaders, and the Cloudflare MVPs.

[email protected] recognizes individuals for their contributions to this Community. Cloudflare MVPs model strong community ethos by helping other customers use Cloudflare. Today, 23 MVPs from 17 countries volunteer their time, talent, and insight answering thousands of customer questions every month. Thank you!

And, today the Cloudflare Community would like to give back to those who give so much to the Community. Today we recognize one of the Cloudflare Community MVPs with custom art dedicated to them and done in the Cloudflare style! Please join me in recognizing, congratulating, and thanking @fritex for their ongoing contributions to the #CloudflareCommunity!

Our featured MVP this month is @fritex on the Cloudflare Community. A bit about fritex:

Tomislav is a Web enthusiast from Croatia’s baroque beauty.

He is driven by the curiosity of exploring the Web technologies, connecting them, and developing solutions using Cloudflare to provide value to the customers to achieve their goals. Passionate about the Internet since 2001 and a former freelance web developer, Tomislav is known as a night owl.

Tomislav goes for long walks to stay mindful, relaxed, and to fill his life with fresh ideas from nature itself. Constantly looking for new opportunities in continuous life-long improvement with the mutual contribution.

With a desire to enrich his and others’ knowledge in using Cloudflare products & services to make the Internet a better and kinder place to live, he helps others to solve their issues and share his freelance experience in and outside of the Cloudflare Community.

Actively using Cloudflare products & services for the last last 5 years, contributing to the Cloudflare Community since 2019, Tomislav first became familiar with Cloudflare in 2013 - as a DDoS protection service for a personal freelance website!


Congrats @fritex! Very much deserved.


Congrats @fritex! Well deserved :smiley:


Awesome! You’re an incredible addition to the MVP crew.




Congrats @fritex! :orange_heart:


@fritex Congrats on being an MVP!

Maybe you’ll get 2023 MVP?

Who knows? :smile:

Anyway, congrats!

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Is that his name or what his name translates to?

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Kindly, thank you very much all! I am honored to be a part of big Cloudflare community :wink:

A good question, it might mean different things in different cultures and on different languages.

However, the T is my name :wink:


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