Recognizing MVP @domjh

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community.

Everyday, thousands of Cloudflare customers from around the world visit this Community to seek advice and share their insight. We are grateful for this exchange and recognize that it is only possible due to the efforts of the regular Community visitors, the Community Leaders, and the Cloudflare MVPs.

[email protected] recognizes individuals for their contributions to this Community. Cloudflare MVPs model strong community ethos by helping other customers use Cloudflare. Today, 24 MVPs from 17 countries volunteer their time, talent, and insight answering thousands of customer questions every month. Thank you!

And, today the Cloudflare Community would like to give back to those who give so much to the Community. Today we recognize one of the Cloudflare Community MVPs with custom art dedicated to them and done in the Cloudflare style ! Please join me in recognizing, congratulating, and thanking @domjh for their massive contributions to the #CloudflareCommunity! Thank you!

About @domjh
Our featured MVP this month is @domjh on the Cloudflare Community. A bit about domjh:

@domjh, a student based in the UK, has been a Cloudflare Community MVP since 2019. With a particular interest in networking and security, he is keenly focused on helping people get the most out of Cloudflare. His passion for education and learning has led to one of the most substantial contributions to the Cloudflare Community, writing and maintaining the Cloudflare Community Tutorials. With nearly 1 million combined page views, the Community Tutorials have helped thousands of customers learn how to easily setup and effectively use Cloudflare. Most importantly, the Tutorials have given other customers confidence to troubleshoot common problems on their own.


Thanks for the recognition @cloonan, I love being part of the community and am so pleased with how far the tutorials have come!


Well deserved @domjh! :tada:


Nice one @domjh! :orange_heart:


Definitely well deserved, tutorial guru @domjh :smiley:


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