Recognizing MVP @cbrandt

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And, today the Cloudflare Community would like to give back to those who give so much to the Community. Today we recognize one of the Cloudflare Community MVPs with custom art dedicated to them and done in the Cloudflare style! Please join me in recognizing, congratulating, and thanking @cbrandt for their ongoing contributions to the #CloudflareCommunity!

About @cbrandt
Our featured MVP this month is Claudio Brandt aka @cbrandt on the Cloudflare Community. A bit about Claudio:

When not messing with & messing up websites, I teach my second language as a second language. I’ve lived in 10 cities - 5 in Brazil & 5 in the U.S., but currently you’ll find me by the sea in Florianópolis, Brazil. I’m interested in JavaScript, PHP, and WordPress. I’ve been a member of the Cloudflare Community for over four years and this summer, I’ll celebrate five years of using Cloudflare.


@cbrandt Early congrats on using being a long-standing member of the community! :partying_face: :partyparrot: