Recognizing leadership in the Cloudflare Community

Recognizing leadership in the Cloudflare Community
In 2018 we introduced [email protected] to recognize individuals in the Cloudflare Community for their contributions to the Community.

[email protected] recognizes individuals in the Cloudflare Community for their contributions to customers and partners of Cloudflare that benefit the Cloudflare ecosystem. Cloudflare MVPs model strong community ethos by helping other users on community forums and social channels. As we turn the corner to 2019, the goal of the [email protected] is to recognize MVPs for a wide-range of contributions to the community.

[email protected] is not just for those expert at set up, operating, and troubleshooting Cloudflare. Rather, [email protected] also recognizes those that provide product feedback and direction in road map reviews with product management, host local meetups, speak at conferences, blog about Cloudflare, or give outspoken and honest testimonials. Basically, any contribution that consistently delight and involve Cloudflare users or that increases our understanding of client needs, reduces support cost, increases product adoption and conversion, or drives inbound leads.

The Ask

  • Skill - demonstrated knowledge of Cloudflare with at least one year of experience using Cloudflare
  • Contribution - help other Cloudflare users on the Community Forum and social channels
  • Outspoken - Cloudflare champion

Selection Criteria

  • Selection is based on identifiable contributions to the Cloudflare Community such as forum posts, articles, testimonials, blogs, community mentoring, and social
  • Contribution of Worker Recipes
  • Localization & blog translation contributions for global markets
  • Community contributions that deflect user questions to the Community instead of Customer Support
  • Contribute locally to Cloudflare by hosting meetups and Cloudflare Community events
  • Individuals with a high number of forum posts and likes
  • Advocate and support the development of Cloudflare skills

2019 Cloudflare MVPs will be announced quarterly over the course of the year.