Recognizing attacks

Hi everyone. I got hit with a DDOS. At 4pm on Monday and logged into my Cloudflare dashboard on Tuesday at 8AM. I got a message from Cloudflare starting today I got attacked send I might have a vulnerability. How can I tell if there was an attack after the DDOS? My logs look normal.

The email will contain a link to the Dashboard that takes you directly to the time period on the Security section where the attack was blocked.

There will also be a banner at the top of the Security section of the dashboard with a link that takes you to the same timeframe.

Oh, it’s a link. I guess I should turn my tunnels back on.

I got nothing to analyze.

The only thing I have in my firewall logs is Russia being blocked 60 times. I don’t even know which sub domain got attacked. Would it be better to wipe my server and reinstall from backup?

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