Reclaiming a domain

I am a newbie so apologies for any dumb questions.

I’ve just taken over a website for our charity and have been informed that the nameservers from our hosting provider (Heart Internet) were directed to Cloudflare back in 2019. I have been in contact with the previous site administrator who knows nothing about this and doesn’t have a Cloudflare account. I have tried the “forgot your password” option and put in his email address, but he’s received nothing, so I think he’s correct in that he doesn’t have an account on Cloudflare. If our domain is associated to an account, neither of us can get access to it or know anything about it. Please can someone help us get access to our domain DNS so we can manage the setup? Thank you.

What’s the domain?


All right, that domain is currently using Cloudflare nameservers, but if you have no way to access the account, your only option will be to open a new account and add the domain anew.

Preferably, you’d first point the nameservers back to your actual host before you add it, so that the DNS records get properly added, otherwise you’d have to manually configure them.

@sandro Is there any way of finding out whose account the domain is currently under? (I have an issue moving the nameservers back to our current domain as I’d have to pay for an SSL certificate).

I am afraid, no.

However, if you have no SSL certificate on your server, you have a general security issue and need to fix that as well. If your host does not provide a free certificate, you may want to change host.

@sandro Yes, moving host is the plan. I wanted to do some prep and initial testing before I did so though, but it’s not looking possible due to not having full access to the domain. Thank you for your help.

You have full access to the domain, just not to the Cloudflare account, hence why you need a new one.

The best thing would really be to properly set the domain up with the current host (or a new host), including SSL, and once everything loads fine on SSL, you can add it to a new account.

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