"recipient server did not accept our requests"

Hi Cloudflare Community,

I am not sure who else to contact on this; I understand that technical support tickets are reserved paying account holders. However, since I am not a paying customer, I am getting automated rejected responses from Cloudflare support if I try ask this via email.

I am trying to contact an email address upon which Cloudflare is the email provider of the recipient’s address. I have been unable to deliver an email to this address, and gmail has been suggesting that I contact the customer support team (Cloudflare) of the recipient’s email provider if I keep getting the same error, which is: “recipient server did not accept our requests to connect.” / timed out. I’ve tried multiple times to send an email, under different sender emails and IP addresses to see if I could get through, same response.

Does anyone happen to have any ideas which issue/s this might relate to? I presume this probably isn’t enough information to really know what’s going on, but that’s all I have. Unfortunately this is the only means I have to contact the recipient, so I’m throwing this out there to see if anyone might have any suggestions.


Cloudflare is not an email host. You might try something like mxtoolbox.com to see if there’s something wrong with their server. Otherwise, I hope you can track down another way to contact this person to have them look into this.

Sometimes a misconfiguration. What is the recipient domain (the bit after the @ symbol)?

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Thank you for your help here. Upon looking up the server on the site you mentioned, it lists no DMARC or SPF records for the mail server. I am not super knowledgeable on this subject but it appears there may be no mail server at all at this stage. They do use cloudflare services though.

Hi there, thanks for getting back. The domain is discussionsbytopic.com

There is no email server configured on that domain.

ok, thanks for the clarification, appreciate it. they must have removed their service.

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