Recipe Request Thread

Want a Cloudflare Workers recipe for something but don’t know JavaScript or how to start?

I made this thread so that anyone can submit a recipe idea / request, comment on one (second that request!), and anyone else can volunteer to write a recipe that there is a ready audience for.

What use cases would you like to see addressed with a new recipe? I’d love to find out and send stickers to folks who chime in with really interesting suggestions. :smile:

@coaxke has shared what I think is the coolest recipe so far here:

But hoping folks will come up with even cooler examples & suggestions.


I have seen this issue pop up a bit (for me as well as others), it’s easy to solve, but would help a few (and would be a good reference to point others to).

How to change port on the backend

async function changePort(request) {
  var newURL = new URL(request.url)
  newURL.port = '8888' // insert here your port

  return fetch(newURL, request)