Receviced email from cloudflare about SSL certificate observed issuance


Thank you for asking.

It’s related to the notification for the zone owner about re-issuing the Cloudflare’s Universal SSL / Backup SSL / some other SSL certificate as it seems to me :thinking:

Some kind of a monitoring tool, helpful in hands and cases to detect possible misissued certificates which might cause issue to your users and visitors.

If it was the one at Cloudflare, it might be due to the:

  • Universal SSL
  • Backup SSL
  • Or the SSL if you’re using Advanced Certificate Manager

Otherwise what comes to my mind is, if any of your sub-domain hostname has some, like mail etc., might be that one was renwed recently via AutoSSL cPanel or some other way.

You’ve got the “Certificate Transaprency” option enabled at Cloudflare dashboard → SSL/TLS → Edge Certificates.

Useful articles about this: