Recently Transferred Domain Shows Expired in Cloudflare Dashboard but Not in WHOIS

Back in October I had an issue where I transferred two domains to Cloudflare only a few days before expiration (my mistake obviously). Everything was fine at first, but this eventually caused some issues and put the domains into some sort of suspended state after the original expiration date (prior to the transfer). Cloudflare support was able to fix the issue after a few days. (Previous community post here)

Fast forward to today and I received a final renewal notice email from Cloudflare stating that one of my domains has already expired and will soon be deleted if I don’t take action. We just paid to transfer/renew these domains in October 2021 so clearly there is still some sort of issue with this particular domain. The Cloudflare Registrar dashboard shows the domain expired on October 23, 2021 but if I do a Whois lookup, it shows the domain expires October 23, 2022 as it should. I tried to open an email ticket but it was marked as closed immediately since I am using the free tier. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The domain in question is Thankfully this domain is currently being redirected so it’s not critical, but I would like to prevent some sort of issue that may cause us to lose the domain.

Here are a couple screenshots that show what I’m seeing…

Cloudflare Dashboard showing domain has expired already

ICANN Whois lookup showing domain expires in 2022

Cloudflare Registrar server showing both the 2021 and 2022 expiration dates. Registrar server link here.

Any time this happens, you should include the ticket # in your post.

Unfortunately, the staff that handles this is off until Monday, but if you post the ticket #, they can take at look at it on Monday.

Thanks for the reply. The ticket # I was given was 2303279. Thankfully this is not a pressing issue so Monday is fine.

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Forgot to follow up with this on Monday, but wanted to check back in on this to see what I need to do to get someone to look into this. The ticket # I posted earlier was auto closed so if I need to request a new ticket please let me know.

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Hi @user3367 my colleague @gloria is around and I’ll make a note to look into 2303279.

I reopened the ticket so no need to create another. Sorry for the pain.

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I have it on good authority that Gloria has replied to your ticket.

Gloria did respond to the ticket…thanks.

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