Recently transferred Domain (away from Cloudflare) still has a Cloudflare Email as registrant. Cannot Verify with new Registrar (GoDaddy)

Hi All…

I recently moved (transferred) a domain from my Clouldflare account to a GoDaddy account because of a business sale. Now, when trying to verify the email address of the domain at GoDaddy, it is failing because the email address associated with the Domain’s Registration record is a cloudflare email (a*****

What does a person do in this case? The domain has transferred to GoDaddy…but is “unverified” on that end and cannot be managed.

I’m feeling stuck and could really use some help/advice if anyone knows how to proceed.

Thanks in advance!

I am afraid Cloudflare really can’t do here anything, not being the registrar any more.

It’s new to me that a domain should be locked in a way that you cannot edit its contact details. That should always be possible.

At this point you can really only contact your new registrar and clarify what you can do edit your domain contacts. Even though nothing you can change for the next sixty days, my general advice would be to avoid Godaddy. They are overly expensive and not even a good registrar.

Okay…nevermind here. This can be marked as closed. The solution was to simply add back Registrant information on the GoDaddy side…and then it could be verified.

I couldn’t agree more. I tried moving everything away from GoDaddy…but Cloudflare won’t move a “.us” domain which left us beholden to them. In any case, this has been resolved and I greatly appreciate you chiming in with some info here.

Glad it worked out.

As for .us, there are plenty of other registrars which support it. I would not wait for Cloudflare, but rather move somewhere else the moment you can. I understand a .us costs $20 at Godaddy. Plenty of registrars sell them already for $7 a year (not taking discounts into account).

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