Recently notice WARP+ doesn't use server in my country cause high latency

[UPDATE #2] The issue is fixed :wink:

[UPDATE] So I forgot to check this site: and I see that my country (KUL) status is re-routed . I guessing the issue is temporary and will be fixed soon?

I’ve been using WARP+ for months and am very sastified. It always uses servers in my country (KU;). My WARP software got a new update, so I updated it, and after I updated it, it no longer uses servers in my country**(KUL)**. It connects to a HKG server that is very far away from my location ( KUL ) (Sources: Preferences > General > Connectivity Information). As you can see, my latency increased from [BEFORE] average 12-13ms / 0% estimated loss to:
Isn’t WARP+ supposed to choose server closest to me unlike WARP? I upgraded to + because of that. I tried this: and the colo is HKG like the WARP app stated. Also reported in Cloudflare subreddit:

Recently updated to Version 2021.12.2.0

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