Recently LaTex codes don't work in Hungary

Dear CloudFare Community !

I hope I am in the right place to make a bug report about the LaTex code JavaScripts on Quora website…

recently, as far as i have tested , somehow no hungarian IP is accepted by the cloudfare javascripts: i have tested from many different IPs / devices and configurations (such as virtual machines , PCs and Phones) across Hungary but none of them worked…

With Opera/European VPN worked well after several flush of the cookies… but asian VPNs also don’t worked.

I think it is some problem with the MathJax JS or some other issue on this site…

Unfortunately not. CDNjs is hosted and supported by Cloudflare, but they are just aggregating third party libraries.

You can report issues with MathJax on their own GitHub repo

Alternatively, contact Quora.

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