Recently Keep Getting Error 522

I am an artist with a premium account at Fineartamerica. I set up a domain, but my website was not secure. A technical person at Fineartamerica instructed me to set up a free account at Cloudflare. She did whatever was required. It is my understanding that Cloudflare is the host. Everything was working perfectly on my website up until 6 weeks ago when I started getting an Error 522. I tried calling Cloudflare, but because I signed up for free, nobody will talk to me. My customers have no problems that I know of on my website, it is me who gets these messages. Sometimes when I log in everything works perfectly. Other times I notice that it takes too much time to load and I get the Error 522 message. I am not technically savvy and do not know what to do to correct this. I don’t know if it is simply the wifi in my house or what. Very frustrating. Please help!

You should talk to Fineartamerica and request them to investigate the issue. Share this link with them:

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