Recent server move - what to update in Cloudflare?

My host, InMotion, notified me of a server move. They didn’t give any instructions other than we might notice a few minutes of disruption if at all, but nothing about updating information for anything. I accidentally found out that I had to update my Filezilla information to use a new IP. However, I now notice that my BackupBuddy is no longer able to save backups on the FTP. I assumed it was because of that IP that is changed. So, going to change the settings on the BackupBuddy destination settings, I keep getting a 524 error, showing that it does not connect to the host. I guess my hunch is correct and i need to change something in CloudFlare, but what?

Also, although I have that one site, I actually have about a dozen other smaller sites. Do I need to change the IP (or whatever else) manually on all the sites listed on CF or is there a way to do it for all, in one place?

Thank you.

Your DNS records here need to match the ones at your host. If they moved you to another server, their DNS page for your domain should have the new IP address.

Sorry for the basic question but I assume they didn’t change DNS per see, but only IP?
And in CloudFlare, where do I change what info? The DNS or the IP?
And do I need to change it for all my sites listed on CF?

You need to update the “A” Record IP addresses in the DNS tab for any domain that has moved to another server/IP address.

Thank you.

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I have changed all the IP as instructed in the tutorial however, right now, out of 10 domains, all of them are displaying fine except one (and emails from that domain are not working either). I checked the information for the A type and the TXT type with my host, and the information is correct (no typo or anything). I know it takes a few hours to populate, but does it make sense that only one domain is affected?

As an added information, the site that is showing a 404 error is the only one of the 10 with a Pro account of CloudFlare.

It has now been about 18 hours and I still have a 404 error message on that one domain ( ).
How long should that take?

DNS updates should be instant. At most, 5 minutes.

Does that one domain have SSL/TLS installed at the server?

To troubleshoot, you can use the “Pause Cloudflare on Site” option from the lower right corner of your Overview page. Wait five minutes to take effect, then see if you can get the site to work.

Does that one domain have SSL/TLS installed at the server?

Do you mean separate from the https: from CF?

To troubleshoot, you can use the “Pause Cloudflare on Site” option from the lower right corner of your Overview page. Wait five minutes to take effect, then see if you can get the site to work.

Will try that and report back.

Absolutely. Your server needs that for a secure connection.

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I will check. I am surprised that only ONE domain is affected, while the others have the same https: and are not.

After pausing Cloudflare, would I have anything else to do to see if the site works? Just refresh it, or re-enable CF?

OK Kept it disabled for 20 minutes and refreshed the pages; still getting a 404.
Re-enabled it: still getting a 404.

So, what should I ask my host about a SSF/TLS? Should I ask them if there is one? If so, what else to ask? if not?

I was in contact with them last night and they could not see anything to explain that 404, so they suggested I contacted here, however, they said that if there is something specific you would suggest they do or check, they are more than happy to do so.

Your site needs to function with HTTPS before you add it to Cloudflare. Leave it Paused and see if your host can track down the problem.

OK will do that.

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Just to update.
I contacted the host and it turns out the server move for my domain was incompletely done. My changing the IP on Cloudflare was pointing to the new location where the whole sites were NOT completely moved, causing an issue.


  • revert to the old IP in Cloudflare until they redo the move
  • update the IP once the move is done.

So this was not a CF issue, but it didn’t help that CF and the sites were not “in sync”.

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I had a recent server move by my host. As I had posted in the forum previously here, I had disabled CF in order to have only one issue to deal with at the time.

This morning, the http:// version of the sites (two sites on the same domain) worked fine. So, I re-enabled CF. The IP in the A value is pointing to the new server but I am now getting a 404 error with the https: and I can no longer check the http:

Is that just a matter of time for CF to kick in? If so, how long could it take?

As in that other thread, the site needs to work fine with https before you add it to Cloudflare.

How do get the https:// to work?

Good question. Your host needs to add a certificate, or let you install one. Cloudflare can provide a free origin SSL/TLS certificate if your host won’t. But they still need to let you install it.