Receiving several emails a day via contact form "rekoloas." IP shows Cloudflare

In the last few days, I have been receiving emails coming from my contact form on my WordPress website from the name “rekoloas” and it has been filling in the fields with gibberish. Each time the IP address is slightly different, but each time I traced the IP address, it showed Cloudflare in San Fransisco.

How can I stop this? Marking as spam in Wordpress didn’t do anything, and marking spam in my email marks all emails from my contact form as spam.

Cloudflare acts as a reverse proxy, so the IP address will show up as a CF IP. You should follow one of the below guides to restoring the actual visitor IP address:

I also recommend using a contact forum that supports ReCaptcha to prevent spammers.

So to clarify… Is this spam, or is this a bug where actual visitor emails are coming through this way?

This might be spam, but your web server server should be restoring the Visitor’s IP address so that it doesn’t think that every website visitor is coming from the same IP. Recaptcha will definitely help if the issue is bots/spammers spamming your contact form.

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