Receiving random empty response from cloudflare


We are using Cloudflare to expose our Kubernetes cluster (we are using version 2022.6.3) suddenly today we find a strange behavior which is the customers receiving a randomly empty response like (6 in 10 requests)with 200 Status code and the requests doesn’t reach our servers and that means no logs occur to check.

Here are the logs from Cloudflared

However, the issue was fixed after upgrading the image to 2022.8.0 and we are still monitoring. I’m not sure what the difference is. why this behavior suddenly happens with this old version? and why it works sometimes and sometimes not?

and one last question when should we check for cloudflared image updates? like should be weekly or monthly? is there any standard for this?

You can take a look at the release notes and see if any match your issue:

They can be released at any time really - setting up something to watch for releases on the repository will be the easiest way to get alerted.

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The most strange thing is it’s not 100% broken… like 4 POST requests every 10 requests works as expected. that’s why I’m asking.

Thanks for your reply though :slight_smile: .