Receiving Intermittent 503 service unavailable Errors with Cloudflare in message

Intermittenly we get 503 error with Cloudflare -nginx message where the host system is fully operational. This intermittent issue happening for couple of seconds and getting corrected after some time.

We are in free plan, we dont have access to support tickets. Any option to resolve the issue ?

We have captured CF-ray, remote host and full request as HAR file, pls help to resolve.

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Is it possible to update CF-Ray/Domain name here?

If not please create a ticket with the details. It will be solved but we will have a number to refer and check the details.

We are in free plan, how do we raise a ticket ?pls help .

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Please send email to [email protected]

I have sent a email to the above mentioned support email.

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Thank you so much. I got the ticket. Checking it now.

Responded in the ticket. I am unable to reproduce the issue from the same node you got the errors.

As i responded to your ticket/mail, 503/cloudlfare-nginx was bit intermittent. we repeatedly tried to access same page, after 5-10 seconds, it was becoming normal.

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