Receiving error "Something went wrong. Please try again." trying to unlock domain for transfer"

I’m not sure if anyone in the community will be able to help with this issue. Here’s a quick synopsis of what’s going on:

I took over a client account from a consultant who is using the Cloudflare Registrar program. He transferred the two domain registrations for the client to a Cloudflare account that I set up expressly for the client. On my side, in the client’s new Cloudflare account, things appear to be OK. I’m able to change DNS entries and perform other actions with the domains. On the old consultant’s end, the transfer seems to have partially failed or something. Both of the domains still show up in his registrar list, but if he clicks on them, he receives a 404 error. The only option he says he has is to disable the annual renewal, which the domains shouldn’t even be renewing under his account any longer anyway.

So now, the client has recently asked me to transfer these domains to Google Domains. However, when I try to unlock the domains to allow transfer and generate an authorization code, I receive a “Something went wrong. Please try again.” error. Both domains generate this same error.

Has anyone else experienced this situation and could maybe share some insight into what might be going on or what I’m doing wrong? Thanks for any suggestions.

Hi @user9098,

This is an odd situation, because transferring domains using Cloudflare Registrar between accounts is not officially supported and there’s usually no way for users to do this. Do you know how this was done?

We performed the move about a year ago, and I don’t recall what I had to do on my end. I don’t have any previous experience with Cloudflare as far as using it as a registrar goes. I also don’t know what the consultant did on their end either, unfortunately.

Since transfers aren’t allowed, perhaps he didn’t actually transfer the domains but instead granted me access to them? That was my first inclination when I received the error while trying to enable the domain transfer for Google. I figured he was still the primary responsible party for the domain and would need to allow the transfer and generate the auth codes. I’m not sure why he’s getting the 404 error if that’s the case.

Ah, I see. If they were transferred, it would have to have been done manually by the support and registrar team, but that’s pretty unusual.

That is possible. Can you go to the account home page for the account with the domains in, then at the top there should be a ‘Members’ tab. If you click on that, it will tell you everyone with access to the account and domains and what role they have. Can you check if you are the Super Administrator there or if the previous consultant is still listed?

I only see my account as a member there, listed as a Super Administrator. So does that seem to indicate it was a transfer? Thanks for your help.

That would indicate that the domains were somehow transferred to your account. It also means that you won’t be able to resolve this issue yourself and will need support to work it out.

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help.

You will need to explain the issue to them including the transfer of domains to that account, the fact that they are still showing in the old acount and that you cannot access the registrar features. Once you open the ticket, please share the ticket number here and I’ll get it escalated. If you get an autoresponse saying the issue is solved, make sure you reply with a link to this thread and tell them that the issue has been escalated in the community.

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Okay, I have a ticket number: 2241833. I did get an autoresponse which marked the ticket as resolved. I’ll reply with a link to this thread now.

Thanks again for helping me navigate this issue.

Great, thank you. Hopefully when you reply back, it will stay open. If it closes again, let me know and I’ll push harder on the escalation :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

No problem, hope you get it resolved!

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I confirm @domjh 's input on your issue. We have received your request and I will follow up with you shortly, thank you.


Great! Thanks everyone.


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