Receiving Error on Profile Page, No Verification Email Sent


I am attempting to verify my email account but I am receiving an error 4040 on the profile page when it loads, and if I try to click the “Send Verification Email” link, it says it was sent but after waiting 20-30 minutes, still no email from Cloudflare.

I did get the verification email for signing up for this community board just fine though.

Thanks in advance.

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Unreal, this is holding us up from going live with our app because we can’t access the Global Token without verifying the email first. Come on CF, get it together!

I see the bounced emails and corrected for that.

I’ve not seen that error. Do you already have an account ticket open? If not, and if you keep getting the error, can you create an Account ticket and share your ticket number here? You can open an Account ticket here,

Hello -

Yes, the ticket # is 3087522. Here is a screenshot of the error on the profile page:

@cloonan -

I finally received an email to verify and was able to do so successfully, thank you for that. However, the error still shows on the profile page.

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Thank you for the confirmation, I’ll flag your ticket for my colleagues in Support. Sorry for the problems.

I can see the ticket is now in Solved since you have not replied for some time. Are you still seeing this issue?

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