Randomly started receiving this error yesterday, thought I’d give it 24 hours to maybe resolve itself but no such luck. Did some research and troubleshooting but no luck there either. I went through the self-help wizard and it said everything should be good, so I’m unsure what the problem is. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Questions answered in the self-help wizard:
Is your domain active on Cloudflare’s nameservers? - Yes
Is Universal SSL enabled for your website? - Yes
Is your Universal SSL certificate active? - Yes
Is the hostname proxied? - Yes
Is your hostname covered by an edge certificate? - Yes

Additional Info:
SSL/TLS encryption mode is set to flexible
Universal SSL is enabled (I see the blue button stating “Disable Universal SSL”)
Client Certificate page says I have no certificates. Not sure if this is something I need or not
Origin Server certificates seem to automatically generating as expected. Last one was generated April 5th
No custom hostnames enabled

Error resolved. Domain was flagged at my university, giving me this error

You should fix that, you have no encryption here and an insecure site.

I changed it to this just for troubleshooting, it has been changed back to full (strict). Thanks for the reminder!

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