Receiving Error 1101

The only place I saw anything about this error is in workers beta. I am not using any custom workers but am getting the 1101 error screen and having significant javascript issues.

Wordpress install, two of 15 sites all with same or similar themes (same developer) experiencing this problem. Use a page builder that won’t load. Not a plugin conflict. No idea where to even begin.

What plugins are you using, @tom.marino?

I’ve turned them all off. Getting a admin-ajax.php 500 in console

The first error look like a workers exception from a plugin running workers, the HTTP 500 error is a server side error that means that the origin web server had an error during the request. Cloudflare does not generate 500s, so this would indicate something is not configured correctly with your hosting provider. Your host should show the 500 in their logs.

I am using a caching plugin with a Cloudflare integration but it is off. I just created a user, clicked save, got 1101.

Have also contacted host. Are the two errors not likely to be related?

I suspect they’re related and I see and am following your ticket for details on exactly how.

Thank you. My host asked to investigate but got 1101 on sign in.

The 1101 page says see Cloudflare error log. Is that not available from the dashboard? I don’t see it anywhere.

@tom.marino, do you have any Apps installed with Workers? If so, we’ve identified an issue caused by a recent Workers release which we’re rolling back. The roll back should be completed within the next 30 minutes.

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Yes I do have one app installed. Things seem to be back to normal. Thank you!

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