Receiving Emails going straight to Junk

Everything was fine and all of a sudden a week ago all incoming emails started going to junk folder. It shows up in the inbox for half a second and then it throws it into junk mail. I’ve added all the mx, txt’s etc that Go Daddy said to add and it didn’t fix the issue and they say it’s a Cloudflare issue. I can send mail just fine but the incoming is the problem. Any suggestions what I need to do to fix this? Many thanks!

Cloudflare has nothing to do with email delivery, other than providing basic DNS.

Here are two resources to help you configure your DNS for better email delivery.

Thanks! I’m worried I may have something incorrect in my DNS settings that’s causing my emails to go to junk. I know nothing about the settings I just copied what I have read online. I turned a couple A’s to DNS hoping that might help. The emails I send out are going to peoples inbox so that isn’t the issure.

I may not have explained myself clearly earlier. The links you suggested are for emails I am sending out. Those are fine. It’s ones I am receiving that are the problem.

Does this mean anything?

You only need an MX record that points to the correct mail server to receive email. If GoDaddy can’t figure this out won’t help, they’ve sunk to a new low. Which I didn’t think was possible.

Those have nothing to do with receiving email.

hmmmm ok, thanks. I’ve spent hours on the phone in the past week with them. I will try again tomorrow and see if there is anything new they can tell me. :grinning:

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