Receiving bad gateway when trying to access domain

i am hosting an internal apache server for filecloud
it requires access via
i have allowed 443 traffic through my firewall. it worked when my nameservers were on 123 reg, as soon as i am on Cloudflare i get bad gateway.
can you help

Im getting a Connection Timed out. So Cloudflare isnt able to reach your Webserver in Time. Is there anything that could Block Cloudflares Connection?

i have a cisco firewall but that allows traffic through for https ok.
Let me check the internal firewall of the apache server.

does the internal apache server need to have an ssl cert installed for the webserver login page to load - it was working fine on the http:// site access

Depends on your TLS Settings you configured in Cloudflare. When the Mode is on Full or Strict Cloudflare would need a Certificate on Server Side.

I checked again which error i get exactly and its a 522. This means that Cloudflare was able to connect to the Server but the Response didnt finish in Time


ahh ok i am not sure how to fix i am afraid. is this a timing response - do i need to add any rules into my firewall?

When you click on the Number you get taken to the Community Tutorials. You could look there if some of the Info there will help you. Other than that you would need to figure out why the Connection to Cloudflare is not possible. When the Server works locally its something with the Connection between Cloudflare and your Server

Yes. Without a valid certificate, you have no security.

i am on the free plan with Cloudflare with the page rules option for the domain

page rules are set for ssl and set to full

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thanks a lot let me try that now and see if that works…

i was of the opinion that Cloudflare would proxie the ssl part and that i just merely had to pass through the traffic through my firewall to the internal apache server.
i will get the ssl from Cloudflare…

Its a Option with Flexible SSL. But its not recommended because it would give your Clients a False Security Feeling.