Receiving a 521 error message

Getting error 521 web server down, checked everything and it seems to be fine. Help losing money daily.

First things first, bypass Cloudflare by either grey-clouding your DNS entry or using the “pause Cloudflare” option

wait 5 minutes

is it still down?

if so, the issue with your server, not with Cloudflare

can you ping the server? if you portscan the IP, are ports 80 and 443 open? don’t bother pinging/portscanning by hostname while it’s proxied; use the actual origin IP

what’s the domain?

Thanks for the quick reply. my original server has been replaced by Cloudflare. would your suggestion still apply?

Are you using Cloudflare Pages, Workers or R2?

If not, then Cloudflare doesn’t host your server. Cloudflare acts as a proxy in front of your server: what the 521 error is saying is that Cloudflare can’t reach your server.


just post a screenshot of your DNS page if you don’t mind, that would clarify a lot

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Your server is listening on port 80 but not port 443. Do you have login access to the server?

Furthermore if I bypass Cloudflare and hit your server directly (curl --resolve I get a generic Bluehost parking page

You were using Bluehost for hosting previously, yes? Did you possibly cancel your Bluehost account or something thinking you didn’t need it anymore?

I’m still using blue host when I try to login through my word press page that’s when I get the error message.

Have you logged into your Bluehost account to make sure everything is okay? Is there possibly a different IP you’re supposed to be using? Have you contacted Bluehost support? Unproxy your DNS records before you contact them, or use the “Pause Cloudflare” option.

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I have contracted them, they directed me back to cloud fare.
I’ll check everything out on that side and report back. Thanks for the support.

You need to grey-cloud your DNS entries or pause Cloudflare BEFORE you contact them.

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I’ll try that now.

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