Receiving 526 Error: Invalid Certificate

hi ryan i also face same issue on my site what i can do it’s show my ssl is expire but it’s not

Sorry to see that you are having issues. I moved this to a new topic because the issue appears to be different than that of the others on the thread.

You are receiving 526 errors, which means that the issue is with the :cert: for the origin server. While you are troubleshooting the issue with your origin, you may want to make sure your SSL settings in Cloudflare are not set to “Full (strict)”.

You can find tips for resolving the 526 problem here:

Same issue here, activated SSL full and I do indeed have a valid SSL sertificate

I’m seeing a green lock for from the LAX location. Chrome and Firefox security info all looks good for the shared certificate.

Ditto for me on @jotoffen’s site. Also connected through Denmark so should’ve hit same PoP. No issues visible.

Needed to turn it SSL full off, as it took my website down, can’t have my API offline.
When I turn it on, SSL full or SSL strict it takes the site down for err 552 Invalid SSL certificate

At the moment i’m being redirected to an error page at your host (non-SSL related).