Receiving 520 Errors

Hi there,

Our website has been experiencing 520 errors lately and we’re not sure what is causing it. I’ve followed this Community Tip here, but I’m not knowledgeable enough to know how to implement each fix.

Some information to help:
Wordpress CMS
Elementor Editor
GoDaddy Registrar
Cloudflare DNS

I can provide HAR (before and after disabling Cloudflare) and trace files if needed.

I have also contacted GoDaddy on our issue, which is our registrar. However, they refused to help because they said Cloudflare is the hosting provider. If you change the DNS for your website, would that also change where the hosting is provided as well? Or was the GoDaddy rep misinformed?

Any and all help is much appreciated!


Give this a read:

Hi there,

Some of these solutions don’t apply to me because I don’t use Kinsta.
I do have another question though. Could it be possible that I’m receiving these 520 errors due to GoDaddy being my registrar and using Cloudflare’s nameservers? It says in the blog it should be fine though.
Still waiting on a reply.

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