Receiving 2 different Cf-Cache-Status responses after configuring Cloudfare

I set up Cloudflare last night, my WAF rules are working as expected and Cloudflare dashboard confirms an active connection to my website. I set up the cache everything rule (with the additional rule to bypass the admin caching).

However, today, when I inspected my Network/Headers/Cf-Cach-Status, it reads: Cf-Cache-Status: REVALIDATED.

Upon toggling the rule on/off, I cleared my history/cache, refreshed it, and it says Cf-Cache-Status: HIT. While off, it reads Cf-Cache-Status: DYNAMIC, so I know the cache everything rule is working.

I open another user window to test again, I reload the page, and it again reads, Cf-Cache-Status: REVALIDATED.

It seems my Cf-Cache-Status toggles between HIT and REVALIDATED, is this to be expected? The Cache-Control is set to max-age 14400.

It all depends on your cache configuration, both in and out of Cloudflare.

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