Received promotional email while unsubscribed

I received an e-mail from Cloudflare today. I checked, it was a real e-mail. Not a phishing attempt. It was a promotional e-mail asking me to upgrade to pro.

At the bottom of the email was an unsubscribe link. I clicked it. It took me to my cloudflare dashboard communication preferences.

All of the categories were already unchecked. It says “Cloudflare may not send me e-mails”. There was nothing to unsubscribe from because I was already unsubscribed.

That means Cloudflare did not honor my communications preferences. They sent me a promotional e-mail even though I was opted out. That is spam.

There was nowhere else to send this feedback directly to Cloudflare support, so I had to send it here. Sorry about that.

Please fix it so the communication preferences are honored. Thank you.

Sorry for the issues, we’ll let the team know.

This is an issue for me too. I have received two already today, and I am unsubscribed from all marketing and commercial emails from Cloudflare. This was not an issue previously.

Hi @apreche and @sugajack2004,

Thank you for reporting this issue.

We apologize for this mistake. This issue is now solved.

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