Received CSR from VidYard, but not sure what to do with it

Hello community. New to Cloudflare, figuring things out and I don’t have a lot of experience with these things, so this may be a NOOB question.
I’m in step 2 of this Vidyard sent me a CSR file but I don’t know what to do with it in Cloudflare. The problem we are trying to solve is to host videos in Vidyard and have our own secure subdomain like https://videos.ourdomain/com

If any other info is needed, please let me know. I appreciate the help.

You should probably continue to follow the Vidyard instructions.

Cloudflares standard terms prohibit delivering video through their network, so any hostname like video.ourdomain needs to be :grey:. The certificate therefore need to be only on the Vidyard servers, and nothing from Cloudflare (other than a DNS record for video.ourdomain) needs to be done.

If the actual video assets are not delivered through the custom hostname, you could follow the documentation to generate an Origin Certificate. In this scenario, the hostname MUST be :orange: or the certificate will not be trusted. But if you are delivering video through the hostname you might get in trouble with Cloudflare for violating the terms of service.

You should ask Vidyard to support Let’s Encrypt, and they can handle the certificate issuance and renewals once you create a DNS record that points to them.

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