Received an random call from somebody claiming to be from cloudflare

Today, I received an call from somebody claiming to be from cloudflare telling me that I need to purchase an logo design for $35.00 and if I pay, he will have his logo design team make the logo. I did ask some of the questions but he kept just ignoring so idk if it was real or fake. He also texted & called me from+1 949-245-2853 and his name was ben and to cancel my account to contact some guy named david.

I forgot to mention that after that, I started to receive emails asking me to contact different people for an logo.

Did you register a domain or purchase hosting recently?

I am certain the call was not from Cloudflare, we don’t do logo design.

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I did a few days ago

ok, but how did they get my information though?

It’s a scam and scammers are good at that kind of stuff. This came up a while back, contact information cannot be restricted for certain TLDs (.us is one of those), scammers watch for new names, scrape the contact information and boom you’re on a list. Logo design was a popular service to use these lists and one I experienced. New sites are registered all the time, so there is always a fresh set of contacts, in my case the flurry of outreach stopped after a couple of weeks.

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ok thanks for letting me know because I’ve never encountered one of those before.

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