Received an email that a AAAA DNS record was modified but did not make any changes. Record doesn't appear in DNS settings

I received an email notification indicating that a AAAA ipv6 record had been modified in my DNS settings. I did not make any changes to the DNS records and never had any AAAA records in the DNS settings as far as I am aware. I checked the DNS records in Cloudflare and do not see any AAAA records, so I am not sure why or how these records were changed. Any insight that can be provided on to why I received this notification, how the record was changed and why I don’t see the record in the DNS settings would be appreciated.

New Values:

Old Values:

Who did you receive the email from, Cloudflare?

If your records are proxied, the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses (you don’t see them in the dashboard) could change at any time but that’s completely normal and doesn’t cause any issues.

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Thanks for the information. I received the email from my domain registrar/hosting account (GoDaddy).

It’ll be safe to ignore.

When you use Cloudflare, the IP that you’re putting into the dashboard isn’t shown to people who visit your site. They see Cloudflare IPs.

➜  ~ dig A +short
➜  ~ dig AAAA +short

The AAAA records are for IPv6 connectivity which Cloudflare provides even if you only specify an A record.

These can change whenever and that’s not a problem - so long as the traffic hits Cloudflare then it’ll be making it’s way to your site. These IPs (and if/when they change) are fully managed by Cloudflare.

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Understood. Thank you very much for your help. :smiley:

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