Received a DMCA complaint for a URL without any content hosted

Hi. I just received a DMCA complaint from some company through Cloudflare called “comeso GmbH” that claims a URL on my site hosts infringed material, when the URL doesn’t host anything on it. I even checked their source URL, and there’s nothing particularly meaningful on that site either.

Cloudflare’s automated system mostly likely forwarded the complaint to me without anybody actually bothering to check the complaint for legitimacy. How do I properly report to Cloudflare that this complaint is abuse or fraudulent?

Hi @kirei.keeki,

Did you receive this in an email from Cloudflare? If so, if you reply to the email, you should be able to talk with the Trust & Safety team.


Hi @domjh, yes, I did receive the e-mail from “[email protected]”.

I sent in an e-mail as you stated. Hopefully they can get back to me promptly about this.

What typically happens in cases like these, do you know?

@kirei.keeki I am not aware of any “” domain.
Make sure to only trust the domain name ending with
Even if I am not 100% sure about that, a certified CloudFlare member could give us the answer

Make sure to create a support ticket within your CloudFlare Dashboard and report the incident there.
If you believe that you’re not against any DMCA, with a 1 minute search the “comeso GmbH” looks like got a linkedIn account, better to contact direct with them, and investigate further.

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Sorry for the issues, that address is legitimate, although I genuinely appreciate the healthy questioning from @StefanoWP! Once reported to Trust & Safety that’s the only team that can assist, and replying as suggested by @domjh will put you in contact with the T&S team.


@StefanoWP How do I report the incident on the dashboard?

@cloonan Thank you; I have already sent in a reply. I will wait and see how Cloudflare responds.

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Click here make sure to be already logged in (edited, wrong link)… :slight_smile:
@kirei.keeki !
ps You have already send the email so I think you don’t need to open a support ticket.

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@cloonan Hi, I’m just wondering; how long does it usually take for them to reply? The support section mentioned that it’s around 13 hours for free users, but it’s now almost a day without any response.

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