Receive request from other DNS server on cloudflare and forward it to desired IP

We have our subdomain on Cloudflare pointing to our server. We have different clients to whom we provide whitelabeling services for which we have to bind their domain to our server too.

We don’t want to expose our main server IP address to them so they can redirect their domains to our server.

We want to give them Cloudflare DNS IP and Cloudflare will forward them to our Server.
This might sound silly, If there is other technique for this problem please recommend us.

Thank you :slight_smile:

You want to point their domain to your main server, but hide the IP address? And your main server isn’t behind Cloudflare?

You can’t just plug in the Cloudflare IP address for your domain – it won’t respond to their domain request. You can’t CNAME it for a similar reason.

Do you control their DNS?


We want their subdomain that they create to point to our main server without exposing the IP address. We are using Cloudflare.

They control their DNS so we can easily ask them or provide them instructions but we don’t know how.

Ok, Cloudflare won’t do that. Cloudlfare only responds to requests that go through their own DNS. That’s a shared IP address, so Cloudlfare only responds to domains that it knows use that IP address.

The the challenge here is that Cloudflare routes traffic based on the host header and isn’t part of your zone so when a user does a CNAME to your site we don’t have a way to know to associate that request with your site.

We do have a product designed specifically to do this SSL for SaaS which allows for customers to provide whitelabel services and SSL termination for their customers. I’d recommend reaching out to our sales team for more information if that might be of interest.

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