ReCaptcha popping up on a handful of websites! HELP!


I’ve been receiving captchas on certain websites that I try to access telling me I have a virus/malware meanwhile I’ve ran multiple scans to make sure I don’t, restarted my modem & router to change my IP checked projecthoneypot with my IP multiple times and whitelisted it even though it wasn’t black listed yet I still get captchas on a handful of websites and the API for a game client won’t load and it’s extremely annoying. Contacted my ISP and they said to simply restart my modem and router which I did to no avail. This is currently blocking a game client that I’m trying to use because I can’t access the API due to the captchas that I keep receiving can anyone help please!


Something on your ISP’s network, or even from your IP address at some point, that triggered this:

You could try this:

But as a user, there’s really nothing you can do once this has triggered. I’ve never heard of a false positive, and Cloudflare doesn’t disclose why it was triggered (they don’t want people engineering workarounds).


Cloudflare can’t do anything here. The website owners have implemented checks to keep their servers secure. As sdayman wrote it might be related to your ISP or your own pc.

It’s also possible that the owners have set up the challenge for specific networks or countries.

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