Recaptcha is showing up when calling a whitelisted API

I am using Pastebin API and for some reason my server Static IP are now being blocked by a captcha.
It has been like that for a week and it is still happening … its not easy to update my IP to a new IP address
I have stopped the service for a whole week hoping my IP will be removed but thats not happening. Is there anyway to whitelist my IP in both Cloudflare and pastebin

If pastebin is blocking your IP due to CF determining it as a threat, the only one that can look into whitelisting you is Pastebin. They likely have firewall rules set up to a point where your IP’s reputation is too low to even use the API.

See - only Lifetime PRO users get their IP whitelisted.

The IP is whitelisted in pastebin but requires recaptcha by Cloudflare … It is whitelisted in pastebin

Does the IP you’re using show up as whitelisted on that page?



I’m having exactly the same problem. I’m using a script written some years ago which seem to fit the Pastebin requirements but not the Cloudflare ones.

My IP is whitelisted on the Pastebin site with my pro account, but i’m continuously getting the Cloudflare captcha even when resolving from an other browser (i don’t have any browser on the scraping server).

I contacted the Pastebin support some weeks ago, but no responses. I also doubt they would help me on this, as the blocking point is Cloudflare there.

Is there any way to disable this captcha, or to be removed from the Cloudflare blacklist ?

Thanks in advance !

Regards, foi

Pastebin might not be correct in making sure your IP is whitelisted in Cloudflare. Unless I misunderstand that page, the IP whitelist paid for there should also get you whitelisted in Cloudflare.

If Pastebin is unresponsive on why the IP isn’t whitelisted, there’s nothing Cloudflare can do. CF just provides the tools the website needs to manage access to the site, the website chooses what type of clients to block and when. There aren’t even any captchas put up by Cloudflare in the first place unless your IP is extremely dangerous; the website has to explicitly set up rules for captchas to show up.

I contacted pastebin they said it has nothing to do with them it is because Cloudflare is blocking our IP … noting that I changed the whitelisted IP in pastebin a couple of times so for a reasonable time the service might have been not whitelisted on Pastebin
but now it is whitelisted in pastebin

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