Reassigning Privileges

We are having a problem making renewing our domains due to not being able to change the existing card information to a different one. Individual hanlde the registration left without notice and didnt pass on super admin account credentials. So all we have is an email we cant access and overdue payment on our domain.
How can we gain access to these member account to change priveledge so different user member can perform these duties and properly administrate our domains

Please for things like this open a support ticket. I think int he community here we will not be able to help you.

Support ticket? not particularly familiar with the user of cloudflare just start going through it last week. How do i go about doing that??

Just write a Mail to [email protected] OR go to and open it there if your logged in.

Thank you for the assistance.
Hope we can geth this matter resolved soon.

Thank you again

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