Reasons "Domain Registration" section does not appear?

Aside from seeing some bugs last January, I could not find an existing answer to this question:

Is there a list of reasons why the “Domain Registration” panel will not appear in the right column of the home page for one specific site/domain?

(some time needs to pass, the tld is not supported, bad server records… would be some examples)

This would help me (and possibly others) understand why we cannot xfer one to the Cloudflare registrar.

Even better, you could reduce support volume if you just disabled the panel visually with a reason, rather than hide it entirely behind a total mystery.

Thanks in advance for an answer to this question. My apologies if the answer is cleverly hidden in your UI somewhere ;-]

I have a unsupported .club domain and the Domain Registration option does not appear. If the domain cannot be transferred, the information won’t appear.

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Thanks for the reply, and for providing one possible reason to add to the mystery list.

IMO, this is a cheap UX: Rather than showing all features in an enabled or disabled state (perhaps with a tooltip as to why) they just hide it entirely. This just adds more volume to the support stack, with items like
“Do you even provide this feature?” (yes, but you just can’t see it)
“Why is this feature missing?” (you could have told us right in the UI)

Thanks again. If anyone needs me, I’ll be up in my angry dome. ;-]