Reason my cnames for Google services are not resolving?

I have set up a new domain name to try cloudflare and am having a little problem that is possibly caused by my not knowing how to configure it. I am using the G-Suite services and generally I set up cnames to make it easier get to the G-Suite services. In this case I set up CNAMES for drive, mail, calendar, etc…

The problem is that they are not resolving. I am trying to have and resolve to the google services. I have always been able to get this working before.

I have tried it with the gray clouds and the orange clouds but so far no luck. Google is telling me that they think the problem is caused by Cloudflare and asking me to try to get help here first.

Any advice will be appreciated.


They both do resolve to Google for me

$ dig CNAME



You will need :grey:, as :orange: will proxy them and hence they will point to Cloudflare instead. But right now the configuration is okay.

Thank you very much for confirming this and for explaining the gray and orange clouds. :slight_smile:

I do have another almost related question that is probably very basic. Should I also be using the gray cloud instead of the orange cloud for ftp and sftp since I only use ftp or sftp for manually uploading files to my web site host? ie. I am not running FTP servers.

You actually have to, as these protocols wont work over the proxies.

But I’d like to invite you to use the search here, #Tutorials, and as all these things are covered there :slight_smile:

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