.Realtor TLD & Cloudflare


I am trying to setup the name servers for a .realtor website.

She is using webmail through the site, and it will not allow full routing through an external nameserver.

I have setup www to route through cloudflare but that is all that I can do. Cloudflare is still showing as pending, even though the settings have been updated.

Any tips or is this just something that won’t work?

What is the domain name?

The domain is kimouellette.realtor. It should be redirecting to prosperityteamre.com right now.

You haven’t changed the nameservers at your registrar to the 2 allocated Cloudflare nameservers…

I changed it on the main portal. I’ll probably have to open a ticket with them.

Nameservers need to be changed at the domain registrar. Is that what you mean by “main portal”?

As @sjr pointed out, they are not pointing to cloudflare so cloudflare is not involved. I do see an icann message indicating transfer prohibited on the domain that may be preventing the change from taking effect. Your registrar can assist in removing that when you have them change the nameservers. But, this is not something the Community nor Cloudflare can assist with, only your domain registrar.

Disregard this. The registrar says you can’t change name servers if you use their email service.

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