Really long load time

My site has been on Cloudflare for a long time now but recently, things have gone really slow.

Each GET request from Cloudflare would take more than 15seconds and for some reason, the request has been driving my database nuts. - the page is blank right now due to a bug but even so, it’s strange that the page would take 19 seconds to load just 2KB of data.

I’m going to blame this one on your server. If you :grey: your server’s entry in Cloudflare DNS settings, I bet it’ll still be slow.

Do you have a page caching plugin? That should help speed up page delivery.

Yes. I do have a caching plugin installed. I have tons of optimisation plugin install but as you can see, it is the GET request towards Cloudflare that is really holding up the whole process.

Those requests appear to be going to the origin server (retrieving non-cached or expired content) and appears to be very unhappy…

“Error establishing a database connection”

1 of 3 tests here show the same result:

Does that mean that the caching is not properly done on my end? (Sorry new to this. Learning along the way.)

Currently, there is a database connection issue due to an overloaded CPU (Apparently, there are too many repeated request being sent).

You said it’s been working well for a long time. Something must have changed. And now your database is overloaded. Any new or updated plugins? Do you know what’s sending the repeated requests to the database?

You could try turning off your plugins to see if that helps, then turn them back on one by one to see which one(s) could be causing the problem.

@sdayman. Thank you so much… OMG. It really was a plugin ruining everything. It was Far Future Expiry.

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