Really annoyed! Our outgoing IP numbers (VPN) blocked by CloudFlare

We are customers of Cloudflare but one topic seems to be completely out of scope: Cloudflare blocking our VPN IP-numbers for their customers. Not even a way to “prove we are human” etc.

There seems to be no way to address it with them. Or does someone know how to do it?


Cloudflare provides tools to website operators. If a website operator chooses to, for example, block known VPN exit points or cloud platforms that isn’t something Cloudflare chose – it was the customer. Customers also block based on IP reputation / threat score. If an IP address (such as that used by a VPN exit point) has malicious traffic coming from it that can also be a signal website operators use to make blocking decisions.

This website is operated by Cloudflare and proxied by Cloudflare. Were you able to reach it via the VPN?


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