Real Ip of domains used for fraud?

Hello community, I think I would like to put this topic on the table, perhaps many do not happen to you and is that in the day-to-day cybercrime does not cease.

Users who implement this type of tactic commonly using Cloudflare as a protector of the real IP, which makes it difficult not to know with certainty the real host of any domain involved in fraudulent activities.

We know that we have as a help the abuse form, that even though it tells us the host it still hides the real IP, and that for many hosting providers is vital to take timely action on the content.

What do you consider should be done in a timely manner?

So this question is focused to Cloudflare Trust & Safety:

Can you implement any way for users to know the real IP without using external means? Do you have any API to do it immediately?
Did you previously provide the IP?

I highly doubt that they are going to implement a way to return the real IPs via an API, as it would be easily abused. The abuse form and contacting law enforcement is the only way to get Cloudflare to take action. You can also report the domain to their registrar for abuse as well.


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