Real Feedback: Mind-blowing Performance

Hello Dear,

The effect of Cache Everything rule is mind blowing. Not only it helped me get massive speed improvement but also helped to secure and save resources.

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

TTFB :heart_eyes:
Just I can say, My dream has come true.

Saved my life!! :smiley:

Special Thanks to @Cloudflare team for introducing us Always Use HTTPS feature directly inside SSL/TLS app. Just today I found this.

It helped me to save one page rule. And, using one most-valuable page rule. Now I can protect my login page also which before was about to get attacked. Feeling truly blessed. :innocent:

######Please don’t ask any Personal detail. Concerning privacy, I may not reply.

Thanks a lot



We just released it. I believe a blog post is forthcoming. :slight_smile:


I believe that may be a true statement. If it’s not already in the works…it will be :logodrop: soon.


How long did it take to start seeing those results? Our IT has enabled the CDN on one of our domains this morning, but still shows CDN as failing. It’s only been about 4 hours, does it take a lot longer for Cloudflare to cache everything on the site?


It may take up to 24-48 hours.

It’s not a by default feature; you may enable it from Page Rule Section.
Note: Cache everything is an advanced feature, and implementation should be done with great care.


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Hi Anonymous,

your Pingdom scores look sweet! Is that for a wordpress site, and is that site hosted at cloudways?

I’m having trouble achieving low waiting times even after implementing the Cache Everything rule.


Any advise?

Yes, it’s a WordPress and I use Cloudways and Cloudflare.