I am using the cloudflare’s stream functionality. After I upload a video by the api and I want to play it on my web page with the tag, I get en error “Failed to load video. You may not have permission to view it or a network error has occurred”. After a few minutes the video will be playable.
I have looked over the video properties, what I can get by the cloudflare api ( There is a “readyToStream” property in the response, under the “result” property. After the upload it has initial false value, but after few minutes it turns to true, but i still cant play the video. So the readyToStream is true but it takes some more minutes to become the video playable.
Could you please help me, is there a property which exactly tells when the video is ready to stream/play.

Hi Attila,

Thank you for your question.

By calling the manifests only after the video is ready, you should not have this problem.

If the manifest URL is called before the video is ready, we will cache the status of the video for about a minute and update the status from the database after that.

If this is not similar to what you are experiencing, please let us know.


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